Wilson Mikami

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Company Profile

Wilson Mikami Corporation is a privately owned engineering company founded in 2003. Our clients include residential and commercial developers, land owners, home builders, resort developers, school districts, architectural firms, engineering firms, electric utility providers, cities, counties and other governmental agencies.

Key Personnel

The Principals of the firm, Scott M. Wilson and Mark T. Mikami, founded Wilson Mikami.  Mr. Wilson has over thirty four years of experience with the planning, engineering, design, and construction administration of residential land development and municipal projects.  Mr. Mikami has over thirty years of experience as a member and supervisor of design groups specializing in commercial and residential infrastructure development and roadway improvements.

Scott M. Wilson, PE (Civil & Mechanical)
Mark T. Mikami, PE (Civil)
Michael Ng, PE (Civil)
Kevin Burke, PE (Civil)
Kristin Mikami, PE (Civil)
Gabe Gomez, PE (Civil)
Matthew Weber, PE (Civil)
Peter Leng, PE (Civil)

Scott M. Wilson, PLS
Rick Tetreault, PLS
Kathie Tetreault, PLS


Our technical staff consists of professional engineers, technicians and surveyors with the expertise needed for creative solutions to complex projects.  Our clients receive top quality service throughout the life of their projects because of Wilson Mikami’s philosophy of principal involvement in each project.

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